Mike Brown Out, Pat Riley In?

Say what? Frank Isola plants the idea that Pat Riley could possibly be the answer to keeping LeBron in Cleveland. He entertains the idea that Dan Gilbert could possibly replace the 2008-09 NBA coach of the year with one that went out as a 15 win head coach.

How does Brown’s job status impact the Knicks? If Cavs owner Dan Gilbert were to decide to make a big, bold coaching move, that would certainly enhance the club’s chances of re-signing LeBron James.

And this is where things could get interesting. Gilbert’s first call could be to Pat Riley, who knows a thing or two about coaching superstars and winning championships. He also won just 15 games in his final season with the Miami Heat.

Knicks fans are obviously watching every move out of Cleveland. They are desperate to make MSG LeBron’s new crib, but keeping Mike Brown will not guarantee his arrival in NYC. Actually I think it could be the other way around. Don’t get me wrong I think Riley is a great coach, possible legendary coach. However, I am not sure it makes sense for the Cavs to bring in Riley. Bringing in a new head coach could actually influence LeBron to leave because potential disagreements with the coaches style or direction.

Obviously, Mike Brown got out-coached by a Riley disciple. Brown also couldn’t shoot for Mo Williams, play defense for Big Ben, or guard the three. I agree he wasn’t the great coach in the Eastern Conference finals as he was in the regular season. Remember, he did manage to coach a team that won 66 games and an 8-0 start to the playoffs. Brown should be judged on his playoff record and so far he hasn’t won on the level where it really counts. He is still improving as a head coach and will continue to grow. The Cavs are more focused on bringing in talent rather than the coaching and I believe that is what LeBron is more concerned about too.

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  • DALE 31

    People in the Cavs organization are pointing fingers and Mike Brown is the most logical choice. FACE IT…THE MAGIC JUST OUTPLAYED THE CAVS.
    The Cavs blew huge leads. Many times in the 4th quarter, they gave the ball to LBJ and others just sat around and watched. They did not crash the boards and many times it was one shot and out.
    MO Williams had a bad playoff series, but not everyone can be a MiSTER OCTOBER…Reggie Jackson was not there.
    In the game where the magic hit 17 3 pointers…jeez they would have beaten the Dream Team in that game.

  • admin

    Dale that is exactly right! They got outplayed and out-coached. It didn’t happen much during the year, but Orlando was the team that gave us the most fits.

  • Anton Kronsky

    While Mike might be a decent & honest man, it has been obvious for quite some time that he is not an elite coach. Yes the wins and loss column suggests otherwise but it is fair to say his numbers a inflated because of the mediocrity of the eastern conference and also because of having LeBron. Game 5 of the Magic series exposed Brown for what he really is…a limited basketball mind who rides the coattails of a generational talent. Honestly the man gave up and put the burden of avoiding elimination solely on Lebron’s shoulders. Resorting to a 1-4 set for an entire quarter is tantamount to waving the white flag. if it wasn’t for the heroics of Lebron the cavs would’ve been swept. Its time for a new voice in the locker room IMO!

  • DQ Smooth

    IMO Mike Brown did a horrible job at coaching period! His ability to coach was exposed during the east finals series. Giving the ball to LBJ and have the other players watch whil LBJ goes 1 on 5 is no offense at all. pick up ballers in the gym run better offense than that. Why no Lebron in the post!? and please! please! please! somebody tell him that 3 pointers are worth more than 2. the magic for a stretch during that series i think after game one were shooting over 50% from 3! 50%!!! the cavs blew two 20 point leads in the series, if they play howard straight up and stay on shooters they win the series. i have always disliked Brown as a coach and i think that the cavs successful season speaks for how elite a player King James is. True…Brown cant shoot for Mo Williams and he cant guard Dwight Howard. However…somebody on the cavs coaching staff tell the cavs big men that Howard loves to make his move to the middle of the key?

    bottom line…a coaching change needs to be made, but only if you can get an elite NBA coach i.e. phil jackson, pat riley, larry brown etc.

  • http://kingjamesgospel.com daniel caamano

    mike brown choked big time in the series against the magic.. making no starting changes or defensive/offensive changes… pretty much just said “lebron will get us through it”
    im not to sure about the shaq tradee.. but then again they didnt lose much either..
    i like the draft pick they chosed.. they needed a taller faster stronger 2 guard and they got one =D
    as far as the coaching… Pat Riley,i think, can do it.. he did it with miami with d-wade and shaq… and clevelandis a better squad noww with Lebron James … Pat knows what key players it takes to win a championship… he’s proven that already