Tiger Woods On LeBron Shake Controversy

To shake or not to shake? Tiger Woods recently answered a question about what he thought about LeBron James actions after the Eastern Conference Finals. I am glad that now we have a golfers opinion on this situation. I was seriously worried that we had heard nothing from the world of golf on this controversy.

“Well, if you look at it, not everyone shakes hands after every game,” he said. “Football, a lot of guys just walk off the field. A lot of sports, they walk off the court or field. Hockey, they line up. It’s tradition. And it’s part of our sport, the tradition of taking the hat off and shaking hands.

“The history of our game is about sportsmanship. We call penalties on ourselves. I don’t see anybody in the NFL saying, ‘I’m sorry. I held the guy. Give me 10 yards.’ That doesn’t happen.

Can you actually imagine NBA players calling thier own fouls? Running backs spotting the ball? Pitchers calling balls and strikes? Come on Tiger! The reason you can do that in your sport is because its slow paced and might not actually be a sport, at least compared to any of the major ones.

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  • http://oneeyedgolfer.blogspot.com Vince Spence

    You still haven’t heard from the golf world. Tiger danced around that topic, as he should have. LeBron took it hard and personal and was in no mood to say, “nice game, luck, blah, blah, blah”. It’s none of our business how he reacts to losing a huge series. Absolutely nobody’s business but his…

    He is the single best thing that has happened to bball in two decades.

    Get over it.

  • M J Ritter

    Golf not a sport? Get real!! Shows your lack of knowledge

  • Kida

    Every watched tennis when there is no judges? The players call all the shots, even on balls flying 120+ mph. Some sports can’t live without honor, other live in defiling it.

  • admin

    Well actually wasn’t there a tennis player that just played Serena and didn’t call it on herself?

    So that doesn’t always happen. Plus football, basketball, hockey, and baseball are all team sports where Golf and Tennis are individual sports.