Should the Cavs Resign Anderson Varejao?

Who will the Cleveland Cavaliers select with their first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft?

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The Cavs will have to decide whether they want to dish out some money to PF Anderson Varejao this off season. He is expected to opt out of his final year and go after a more lucrative contract. He is rumored to be looking for a deal around 4 years 32 million. That is a bunch of money for a player that is not a true starter in the NBA, shoots horrible from the free throw line, and has peeked to his potential. Don’t get me wrong I love his hustle and work ethic, but I think the Cavs will have to let Varejao go to another team. They will need to acquire another big man as well as develop their younger talent. Here is a look at his career stats:

What would you do if you were Danny Ferry?

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  • Adam

    Let’s be honest; Varejao is Jeff Foster with crazy hair and a sexier name. Except Foster isn’t a prima donna.

  • Tom

    His numbers projected to 35 minutes per game(somewhat arbitrary number, but seems like a reasonable mpg for a solid starter) are about 10 points and 9 rebounds per game.
    Four years for 32 million would have him on par with Mo Williams in annual salary. If I’m Dan Gilbert I’m telling Andy “thanks but no thanks…” Now if he wants to come back for a small pay raise, say four years, 24 million…I might take that…

  • admin

    Totally agree but I have heard that now Anderson Varejao might get 10 a year, lol