Haywood Apologizes, Calls Out LeBron

Since Brendan Haywood has been blogging over at YardBarker he has been writing somewhat controversial pieces. We don’t usually get to read or hear more than the cookie cutter answers from most athletes. So sometimes its nice to hear what an athlete might say. This time Haywood calls out LeBron for not shaking hands with the Magic, but also notes that he is guilty of doing the same thing.

I think the thing that bothers me most is that he didn’t seem apologetic about not feeling the need to shake hands and do the interviews. When you’re the face of the league, there’s a responsibility that goes along with it. One thing that people don’t realize is that I think he didn’t shake the hands of the Boston Celtics last year when they eliminated his Cavs from the playoffs. (I may be wrong, but I certainly don’t remember him doing it). If this is a pattern, then it’s even more alarming and he’s got to realize it and be better than that.

I was frustrated and when our team lost the series, I walked off the court and didn’t shake my opponents’ hands. I was extremely wrong and want to take the opportunity to apologize to my Washington Wizards fans, teammates, opponents and whoever else was offended by my actions.

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