ECF Game Two Recap: LeBron James Shocks Magic, Saves Cavs




It didn’t look good for a minute (check out this “ripple effect” post for more on that), but the Cavs walked away with a big win in the end due to King James. Now, they will just have to do a better job of keeping leads, contesting three-point shots — especially from Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis — and, most importantly, of keeping LeBron fresh for late in the fourth quarter.

Game Three will be a huge one for the Cavs, with both teams looking to make a statement and seize control of the series, possibly for good. The Magic have shown that they are not afraid of the Cavs at the Q, let alone at their place. They’ve also showed uncanny fortitude, hanging in there when most teams would have packed it in (i.e. 23 points down). We are in a dogfight, Cavs fans. The good news is that with some adjustments I feel it is one we can win.

Looking forward to Game Three. We will do our best to keep you posted over the Holiday weekend!

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