Game 1: 1st Half Eastern Conference Finals




2nd QTR

Cavs continue their dominance in the second with some subs. Mike Brown’s game plan seems to be let Dwight score inside and take away there three-point shooting. Not sure if this is the best strategy, but I wouldn’t mind putting some fouls on Howard and sending him to the line. Varejao is going to be the best defender to guard him.

Love seeing Stan Van Gundy telling his team that they need to “run back.” That sounds like a tired team to me.

“Superman” just got his second offensive foul called on him. The refs are treating him more like Clark Kent and I love it!

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Well this could be a disaster for the Cavs if Varejao is hurt, but I think he just got the wind knocked out of him. He is walking off on his own and he looks like he will be able to comeback later in the game. He is already back in the game. This guyu might be a flopper but I love him.

Howard just picked up his third foul. Thanks to Howard LeBron scored 16 of the last 18 points. Then Mo Williams finsihes the half with a “So Amazing” Lebron type shot. WOW! Can you say SWEEP!

63-48 Cavs Cruising at the Half

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1st QTR

Lets Go Cavs! LeBron does his pregame ritual and the Cavs are ready to go. Varejao comes out and gets the first basket of the game. My god, I think Dwight Howard just broke the backboard. Nevermind, it was just the freaking shot clock.

Well after the shot clock issues, I had computer issues so I guessed it was meant to happen during the 1st. I promise its the last lame excuse of the night.

LeBron finished the quarter really strong and proved that the rest only helps the Cavs. They look fresh and ready to take advantage of a tired Orlando squad. I think this one could get U-G-L-Y which could lead to a third straight sweep.

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