LeBron's Dream Team

LeBron told Dan Patrick yesterday on his radio show who would be on his Dream Team. Here it is:

PG: Magic Johnson
SG: Michael Jordan
SF: LeBron James
PF: Kevin Garnett
C: Shaquille O’Neal (LeBron almost went Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)
Coach: James Naismith (we can’t lose with the guy who invented the game)

I really can’t disagree with this list. Some might wonder why Kobe Bryant was left off this list, but how could you pick him over MJ or Magic? I wouldn’t. Sorry Kobe but you have to come off the bench. I might have to pick Kareem or Wilt over Shaq. Shaq is the most dominant center of all-time, but the other two might be the greatest centers of all-time.

KJG Reader Question: Who would be your Dream Team?

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  • superman

    PG – Magic Johnson – imagine all the accolades he would have had if he wasn’t forced to retire)
    SG – Michael Jordan – Great baller of all time
    SF – LeBron James – He’s the King of Basketball
    PF – Tim Duncan – How many rings does he have?
    C – Wilt Chamberlain – His name appears next to numerous record books and as long as that 100 point game stands, he can’t be topped.
    Coach – Bill Russell – He is also one of the best centers of all time.

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  • admin

    I thought about Tim Duncan too. It would be hard to leave him off the list. Hakeem would be too…

  • http://swarmandsting.com/ Mark

    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Michael Jordan
    SF – Kobe Bryant
    PF – Larry Bird
    C – Shaq

  • http://lakeshowlife.com Lake Show Life

    PG – Magic Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Michael Jordan
    PF – Charles Barkley
    C – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Coach – Pat Riley

  • http://lakeshowlife.com Lake Show Life

    I know who I’d have on bench, too. My clutch shooters would be Jerry West and Reggie Miller. My back-up center would be Bill Russell, for his defense. Dave DeBusschere as my back-up power forward, his toughness put him over the top. Dr. J would be my scorer off the bench, Larry Bird my jack of all trades. And Oscar Roberston would be my back-up point.

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    PG – Magic Johnson (Greatest floor vision ever, changed the game of basketball)
    SG – Kobe Bryant (All respect to MJ, Kobe is the best offensive player ever and his “D” is the most underrated part of his game)
    SF – James Worthy (The only nickname better than “Big Game” James is Mr. Clutch)
    PF – Karl Malone (made the modern power forward position what it is)
    C – Bill Russell (Hello! You play to win the game! Who won more than Russell?)
    Coach: Phil Jackson (no coach will even come close to 9 rings ever again. He is a modern marvel)

    • admin

      Leaving MJ off this list makes you look crazy :)

  • http://ebonybird.com The Ebony Bird

    PG-Magic Johnson (too good)
    SG-Michael Jordan (the greatest clutch and overall offensive player of all time)
    F-Larry Bird (one of the all-time best shooters)
    F-Bill Russell (for blocks & rebounds)
    C-Hakeem Olajuwon (just incredibly dominant)
    Coach: Red Auerbach; did so much with no money and had to do everything himself. Imagine this team coached by him.

    Hakeem and Wilt Chamberlain would platoon a bit. So would Russell and Karl Malone.

    • Zach

      It would be hard to leave off Larry too….

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    Putting LeBron on this list is crazy. Maybe 10 years from now, but it’s hard to believe a guy who has never won a single game in the NBA Finals could be an All-Time great

  • admin

    Sure but when has Kobe won one without Shaq? If you put Kobe on this list you can put LeBron. Oh and just FYI LeBron has a higher PPG in the playoffs then Kobe. :)

  • azscott

    Too bad King James has a self-esteem problem. LOL I love how he puts himself on the Dream Team.

    PG – John Stockton
    SG – Michael Jordan
    PF – Charles Barkley
    SF – Larry Bird
    C – David Robinson

    Bench: Hakeem Olajuwon, Dave Cowens, Connie Hawkins, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups, Shaq

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    FYI, Three rings are three rings. And PPG is nice, but KB24 has dropped more points in the playoffs than LeBron, like THOUSANDS more. I’ll take proven excellence over pre mature hype any day of the week. But that’s just me and my “crazy” theories on basketball

  • admin

    OK OK. I agree right now Kobe has had a longer more successful career. But Kobe has done nothing that MJ has. To put Kobe over MJ doesn’t support your argument with using what they have accomplished.

  • admin

    Scott -

    I like a NBA player that has confidence. Do you think MJ, Bird, or Barkely wouldn’t say they should be on the Dream Team?

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    Kobe is just a better player all-around than MJ. Jordan had intangibles that Kobe never will, but from a pure skill stand point, it’s Kobe. Jordan didn’t have guys like Pierce, T-Mac and VC to defend on a nightly basis. I’m not hating on Jordan, without him there would be no Kobe. But the next generation will always be better than the previous. no doubt 5-10 years from now King James will have all these guys in the rearview mirror.

  • This is a Dream Team

    PG-Mo Williams
    SG-Delonte West
    F-Lebron James
    F-Anderson Varejao
    C-Zydrunas Ilgauskas
    Coach-Mike Brown

    This is our dream team now. Stop wondering and start believing!!!!!!!

  • **SKYL3R**

    straight up MJ is the greatest player that has ever been and ever will be. he is a LEGEND and everyone knows that. kobe and james are great players for sure but above michael jordan? jus doesnt happen