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GAME 3 Cavs @ Hawks: 1st Half Recap

1st Quarter

The Cavs came out strong and showed how dominant they can be on the road. LeBron James scored 11 points and had 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 block. Big Z scored seven while going perfect from the field. The defense let the Hawks back in the game at the end of the first. LeBron ends the quarter with a three-pointer with three seconds left. Are him and Kobe having a contest?

Mike Brown comments that the offense got stagnant and they were walking the ball up the court.

2nd Quarter

The Hawks came out bombing on the Cavs to take the lead. The defense looks slow to get back and rotate on defense. The offense is taking bad shots and not getting the ball up the court. Hawks were up by four early in the quarter. They are really playing inspired basketball tonight and showing the Cavs how to play halfcourt defense. LeBron James and Mo Williams are the only offensive weapons we have at this point in the game.  LeBron finishes the quarter with 22 points and putting the Cavs up by one.

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