LeBron James's Five Favorite Athletes Growing Up

1. Himself

2. Michael Jordan

3. Emmitt Smith

4. Penny Hardaway

5. Deion Sanders

I loved hearing who was LeBron’s favorite athletes when he was growing up. MJ was my favorite when I was a kid and LeBron has been my favorite in my adult life. I would replace the bottom three with Ken Griffey Jr. (only legit home run hitter in the 90′s), Derrick Thomas (I am Chiefs fan too), and Jerry Rice (greatest WR of All-Time).

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  • http://lakeshowlife.com Lake Show Life

    Hmmm…I will go…

    1. Reggie Miller
    2. Derrick Thomas
    3. Tony Gonzalez
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Anderson Silva/Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • admin

    Tony Gonzalez, Tony Richardson, GSP, Pippen, George Brett are some others that would be up there for me.

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  • http://myspace dondre

    yo wats gud bro dis drizzy

  • http://myspace dondre

    yo dis dondre dupree henderson i get pussy but im tryna be like you and make it to the nba but not at the cavs at denver cause dats my squad and is groove yo dadb

  • http://myspace dondre

    sike naw but my fav basketball player is
    1.carmelo anthony
    2.lebron james
    3.kobe bryant
    4.mickeal jordan
    5.mick vick

    • j

      kobe sucks lebron all the way………………………..M.V.P two years

  • jesse

    buck kobe lebrons goin to the ship……..M.V.P

  • Leeroy

    Buck lebron….KOBE ALL THE WAY…no ring on lebron yet….

  • http://timelines.com Robert Brent

    How about Walter Payton? Michael Jordan’s an obvious choice, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be there. I wonder if he’s really helping LeBron house-hunt in Highland Park!?

    Also, I threw together a timeline of his life for anyone interested in brushing up on their LeBron history: http://timelines.com/topics/lebron-james